Fireboltt Talk2 vs Fireboltt Talk Pro

Fire Boltt Talk 2 and Fire Boltt Talk Pro are two different models of the same brand, there is only a difference of 400 to 500, but considering the difference in money between the two, is buying a smartwatch right, then the answer is no.
So that’s why today we made a deep comparison between these two smartwatches and told which smartwatch you should buy.

Build and Design

Both the watch is made of metal and the aluminum key is made of Talk 2 button and in Talk Pro you get to see a round button and a flat button.

In Talk Pro you will get a display of 1.32 inches, while in Talk 2 you will get a display of 1.28 inches.
In Talk Pro you get high resolution HD display, same Talk 2 TFT HD display is available.
Now talk about the most important thing about the resolution, in Talk Pro you get a resolution of 360×360, whereas in Talk 2 you only get a resolution of 240×240.
(Winner Is Talk Pro)

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