kospet tank T2 review

nowadays the Smartwatch Market is very competitive not only are there smartwatches and smart bands made by big Brands like Apple Samsung and Xiaomi but there are also countless Brands trying to impact them in different ways for example a smartwatch design specifically for outdoor users and the Smartwatch I want to introduce today the coast pad tank T2 is one such watch although it has no significant advantages but also the same no significant disadvantages the price is just right if you buy tank D2 you will receive a box like this the way it opens is very elegant and flipping the lid not only reveals the main accessories of the Smartwatch but also all the selling points are written inside the lid in addition to the strap and charger there’s a manual and tempered glass


underneath while the screen glass is strong enough to keep it from breaking in harsh environments this fill will also prevent sand from scratching on the screen a tank T2 is a very outdoor style at first glance the all-metal body with 9-inch dual glass cover gives excellent protection 5 ATM and a male standard a10h it basically has all the protection certification so you can imagine this one is black frosted two orange buttons with a default dial also looks very technological style the back cover is abs without too many bumps making it comfortable to wear the included strap is made of silicon


which is the best material for most sports or outdoor watches it’s not easy to get dirty or broken it doesn’t absorb water so it doesn’t stink if you don’t wash it for a long time for the tank T2 the overall design is still very good looking meets my expectations for a 100 outdoor smartwatch the assistant of Tanki 2 is still very simple you don’t need a manual basically you can figure out all the functions with your hands on the watch has only two buttons and their functions are engraved directly on the frame the top button is actually equivalent to the power button on the phone responsible for the back lock screen and Power on of course you can also use it as a start time or pause button when there is no watch strap it does look like a professional stopwatch in hand and the button below is specifically designed for sports press to select the mode you

battery life

want among 70 Sports modes these superb number of modes covers most support both indoors and Outdoors even if I want to
swipe to the bottom it takes a long time sometimes you forget to turn on the sports mode right tank T2 enables a smart recognition and reminder of 6 Sports stationary States walking running cycling elliptical and lower the assistant can automatically sense current sport status without entering sports mode manually the t2 operates in almost the same way as other smartwatches swipe down the control center swipe up the notification center let the swipe is various in monitoring indicators and right swipe is set is also mostly


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